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All stories below can be found both on Inkitt and on Wattpad.

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Jasmine and Leo have known one another since childhood and have never gotten along, but once they get stuck on an elevator together, everything changes. Leo suggests pretending to date in a mutually beneficial arrangement, but neither one of them could predict the outcome. 

A 2018 NaNoWriMo winning project! Romantic comedy - contains adult language and explicit content.

Tattoo artist Ema learns about her elderly neighbor's past...

A former manuscript from my college fiction workshops - contains some adult language, references to the Holocaust, and references Roma culture.

Cat doesn't remember being taken, but can she break free?

A former manuscript from my college fiction workshops - contains adult language and some violence.

Dramatic reading excerpt to be found on YouTube.

As it turns out, working in Hell is as monotonous as one can expect. A new arrival, however, gets more than the typical experience.

Get a sneak peek at one of the stories in my upcoming collection of short stories, Interrobang: The Collection. This is a Camp NaNoWriMo story from 2018 - contains adult language.


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