Other Projects

In addition to my fiction, I am also working on other creative projects that are related to my writing. You can check them out below!


A podcast where I interview indie authors with a game of 20 Questions, speak with them on a topic of their choice, and provide them a space to do a reading of their writing.

Writers who want to be on the show can fill out the form in the link below.

Make Me Read!

Join me on Instagram Live on the 3rd Saturday of the month as I read books from my TBR list and provide commentary for your entertainment.

YouTube Story Audio

Recordings of me reading various works of my own writing, provided with the text of the story in the video, are available on YouTube.

Write Reckless Guests

Check out the awesome independent writers who have guested on the Write Reckless podcast! You can listen to their episodes by clicking on their name, or you can head to the guest's social media or website by clicking on the button underneath their description.

Holland Weathers is the Canadian lesbian author of Le Loup-Garou, a sapphic thriller which is available to read on Wattpad.

Marc Cavella is the author of Tabernacle and The Ballad of Ricky Risotto.

Emma Justine is a sci-fi/fantasy writer currently working on a superhero fiction novel.

AK Faulkner (Pts. 1, 2, 3)

AK Faulkner is the award-winning LGBTQ+ urban fantasy author of the Inheritance series.

Tenaya MKD

Tenaya MKD is the author of the superhero fiction novel New Identity

Jillian Maria

Jillian Maria is the multi-genre author of The Songbird's Refrain and There's Magic Between Us.


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