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8 July 2020: Announcements & Whatnot

It hasn't really been all that long, and yet I have so many things to officially "announce" here on my blog!

  1. I am starting a newsletter called Alaura's Bookish Bulletin, which is scheduled to come out on the 15th of January, April, July, and October, starting this month! If you haven't already done so, subscribe to my website so you can gain access to exclusive content such as work-in-progress sneak peeks, deleted scenes, character profiles, playlists, early access to story audio, and more!

  2. I have created so many social media accounts over the last few days, it's wild - to make it simple, I made a Linktree account (new!) so you can access everything all at once - my website, blog, Inkitt, Wattpad (new!), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (new!), Patreon (new!), Ko-fi, Goodreads (new!), and my #BLM Resource List. Also yes, I plan on making an updated graphic for my social info... when I'm 100% sure I'm done making accounts.

  3. Soon, I will be recording and releasing story audio! I have not yet decided how/where I will be posting this, but I will update y'all when I figure it out.

Those are the 3 big things so far, but I'm sure there will be more as time goes on.

Minor writing update: Camp NaNo is going well so far - Day 8 and I hit 70,000 words! The fact that I've had to restructure a story before I even finished the first draft (it had to be done) hasn't held me back, and has actually made me more productive. Only one POV character's story line had to be changed, so the other two can mostly remain the same and it makes the process so much easier.

Stay safe y'all!

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