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7 January 2021: New Year Goals & Content

Happy New Year! We're one week in and I feel it would be timely to declare my goals for 2021 and let everyone know what's coming in the near future.

First, my goals:

  • Finish writing Rory & Boone

  • Read 12+ books

  • Write more for Interrobang

  • Finish the editing project

  • Interview more indie authors for Write Reckless

I know that these goals may seem very basic, not challenging enough, but I can assure you that some of these will be a challenge for me. For instance, I've been working on the first draft for Rory & Boone since June and have yet to finish it. I also tend to lose the motivation to read when I'm mentally/emotionally drained, which makes it difficult to keep that goal at times. As for the editing project... well, I've been working on it on-and-off since 2017 and I'm still not done. I need to finish it.

Onward to the upcoming content!

  • Jan 15th - Alaura's Bookish Bulletin: January 2021 issue

  • Jan 16th - Make Me Read! installment 6

  • Jan 20th - Exclusive Patreon/Ko-fi content release

  • Jan 21st - Blog post

  • Feb 2nd - Write Reckless episode 7 with Tenaya MKD

I'm so excited to share this stuff with you because there's a lot of good content coming your way! This quarter, the newsletter's exclusive content includes a character aesthetic board for Rory Chatham of Rory & Boone, an excerpt from Rory & Boone, a story playlist for Rory & Boone, as well as editing tips for writers.

Additionally, if you're interested in becoming a Patreon/Ko-fi subscriber, I'll be posting another playlist and an extended excerpt from Rory & Boone. For those interested in becoming a patron, here's a quick reminder of the tier breakdowns on Patreon:

  • Level 1 Supporter - $3 for a social media shout-out & access to exclusive content

  • Level 2 Supporter - $5 for previous benefits + voting power in polls regarding book decisions

  • Level 3 Supporter - $7 for previous benefits + early access to purchasing my book(s) upon publication

  • Level 4 Supporter - $10 for previous benefits + recognition in my book(s) on a designated patron "Thank You" page

Alternately, you can make a one-time or recurring $3 contribution on Ko-fi for the Level 1 Supporter benefits.

Thank you for your support and I hope this year treats you well!

EDIT: Because of what happened in Washington, D.C. yesterday on January 6th, 2021, I want to take a moment to encourage everyone to prioritize self-care and, if you can, put your money towards being an ally to people of color.

The only reason things did not escalate to violence in the same way as the #BLM protests last summer is because the crowd that participated in the insurrection against the Capitol was largely white. If you can donate, I encourage you to give some money to the ACLU, to the NAACP, or to another organization that aids the marginalized people in this country. Even with Biden's win confirmed by Congress, there has been a major backslide into fascism under the current administration and we need to do what we can to support those who have been put at risk by an agenda of hate.

Be safe, take care of the people around you, and remember to vote whenever you can.

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