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4 September 2020: Podcasting & Returning to Work

First of all, sorry for the late post - I went back to work and I'm still trying to adjust to being back in this schedule.

But holy crap, y'all. I started a podcast and it's currently available to listeners on Anchor and Spotify! Write Reckless is an interview podcast, where I talk to indie authors, chat with them about a topic of their choice, and share some of their writing in a short reading. It was very much an impulse decision to start the podcast, inspired by the large indie writer community on Instagram and Twitter. I wanted to give these writers a place to talk about their writing and draw in audiences, especially because I know how hard it is to build a platform.

Once I received my microphone, I held my first interview on August 31st, with Canadian author Holland Weathers. I had such a blast talking to her about LGBTQ+ representation in media and healing through writing, among other things, and I'm grateful to have had such a fun first guest.

Now, I expected that I would be complaining about audio editing in this blog post (and there will be a bit of complaining), but overall, the podcast creation process was fairly simple. Granted, it's a learning process, but I think I picked up on it quickly - at least, quick enough to release the first episode the day after recording!

My main issue had more to do with my microphone cords being temperamental than anything else, and then some of the audio overlapped and was out of sync. I will say, I could not get audio editing to work on my computer, and editing on my phone was much easier with smaller audio clips than longer ones. Once I figured all that out, though, it was easy to edit the podcast into a cohesive interview.

It's still surreal that this is real and I'm excited to do more interviews - I already have two more scheduled for Saturday/tomorrow!

Outside of my creative projects, though, I'm returning back to work after 5 months at home, and the school year is starting out online. While I am grateful that none of the kids are going to be in the classroom just yet, actually trying to teach is going to be an interesting experience. Even my head teacher isn't entirely sure what to expect. Special Ed is basically getting the short end of the stick during this pandemic. School starts on Tuesday, so I guess I'll figure it out then?

Anyway, please check out my podcast and leave a five star review!

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