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4 February 2021: Stuck

Hi, I'm stuck.

What a novel phrase for a writer, right? Every single one of us gets stuck at some point, but the why is where it can vary.

Unfortunately for me, I'm stuck because I read through writing craft books mid-draft and now all I can focus on is everything that needs to be fixed in the story, rather than moving forward with the draft. Thoughts about character development, pacing, and so much more that really ought to be addressed in a revision since the story is already in-progress.

Come on, brain, just focus! Finish the draft first, then you can fix it.


Still can't focus.

So what do I do?

My usual trick is to step away from the manuscript and return to it later, but the problem is that because I have already spent so much time on this story, I have a compulsion to finish it before addressing anything else.

So, if not stepping away from the manuscript, then what? My other alternatives are to re-outline and start over again now, or power through writing a manuscript that now suddenly feels dreadfully inadequate. It may all be end-of-draft impostor syndrome kicking in, but who knows?

None of these options sound great to me. I don't want to step away from the manuscript, I don't want to re-outline and start over immediately, I don't want to write something that feels inadequate.

It seems that I have some homework to do. Hopefully by my next blog post, I'll have found a solution and will be back in the groove of writing. Until then, wish me luck. I'll need it.

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