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31 March 2022: Camp NaNo Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the start of a new month, though more importantly, the start of Camp NaNo. How did April get here so fast???

My main goal for the next month is to work on the revision of Just Friends, then hopefully I'll be able to send it off to an editor by the time I'm working with my cover artist in July. With eight chapters to go (once I finish chapter 9), I'm not expecting to complete the whole book in a month, but wouldn't that be awesome?

In any case, revisions are a lot of time-consuming work.

Because I'm a bit of an underwriter, I've had to focus on adding in more detail; the previous draft of Just Friends was just over 50,000 words in total and this incomplete draft is nearly 60,000 words... I think I'm doing my job.

What really kills me is that I wanted this to be the last major revision, but because I'm adding in so much detail (and new characters, like Naseem and Byron), I may have to rework the manuscript yet again. But that's a problem for Future Alaura, because Current Alaura still needs to focus on finishing this current draft.

All this to say I'm both prepared and unprepared for Camp NaNo.

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