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3 March 2020: Interrobang in Progress

Although it is a while before it will be ready to be published, I wanted to officially announce that I am in the process of working on a collection of short stories entitled Interrobang: The Collection.

So what does this mean? Ultimately, I am hoping that after the latest rounds of revision are complete, I will be ready to self-publish my debut collection. Whether or not the stories will be ready for publication by then is still a mystery, but I'm optimistic! Most of these stories have gone through at least four separate drafts and have been critiqued by people I trust, so I believe that most of the collection will be ready soon.

"Most of the collection?" I hear you ask. Yes, most. There are three stories that I started during NaNoWriMo last year that have yet to be completed. I plan to finish them during Camp NaNoWriMo in April, but if not then, during July's Camp NaNo.

As for the completed stories to be included, there are the following:

  • "Not-Human": While conducting research in an underwater lab, a group of scientists encounter something mythical and dangerous. Science-fiction/horror and a former manuscript for my college fiction workshops.

  • "Progeny": While two scientists experiment with human cloning, the resulting ethical dilemmas may ruin everything altogether. Science-fiction/drama and a former NaNo project.

  • "Working in Hell": As it turns out, working in Hell is just as monotonous as one can expect. A new arrival, however, gets a little more than the typical experience. Fantasy/speculative fiction and a former NaNo project, and is the only one of these stories that is available to read on Inkitt!

  • "Welcome to Fugue": A woman facing trauma wants to forget so she visits Fugue... but it doesn't work. Science-fiction/drama and a former NaNo project. Trigger warning: rape mentions.

I am very proud of all the stories that I have written to completion because, after all, I cared enough about them to finish them in the first place. Obviously, not all my stories are going into the collection and this is because I want Interrobang to have a certain theme of "just outside of the realm of possibility—for now" throughout the stories.

I do want to make it clear that I am not a scientist, I am not a theology expert, and I am not a historian, so there is a lot of creative freedom taken in my stories (with the exception of "New Ink"). Whatever. I'm here for a fun time, not an accurate time.

In any case, stay tuned for more information about Interrobang: The Collection in the future!

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