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29 October 2020: November PSAs

Guess what's coming up soon? November! Guess what that means? Well, a few things, actually:

  1. Halloween is coming up. Please be safe. Dress up, eat candy, watch scary movies, but please be safe.

  2. NaNoWriMo starts in just a few days, as does the #OhNoNaNo Challenge on Instagram! If you'd like to follow along or join in, check out my post about the challenge.

  3. The US election is on Tuesday, November 3rd. If you are eligible to vote and haven't yet done so, please make sure to either turn in your ballot ASAP or go to a polling place on Tuesday. This election is too important to not vote, and I want to emphasize again how much voting third party will fuck us over: a lot. As long as we have the electoral college, voting third party is not a viable option. Too much is at stake.

  4. Finally, the Write Reckless episode(s) are supposed to be released on the first Tuesday of the month (which would also happen to be Election Day), but I've been having technical issues while editing the podcast on Anchor, which has halted the editing process entirely. I've been in contact with tech support, which is a slow process, therefore I don't think I'll be able to release the next episodes on the 3rd as originally planned. That said, because of how long the interview ran, y'all will be getting episodes rather than a single episode. When I can edit the podcast again, I'll officially announce the release date for the episodes.

In any case, things are weird right now. With November only a few days away, it feels surreal. This year, more than years previous, seems to have dragged on impossibly long, yet also went by very quickly. It doesn't feel real.

Not much about this year feels real, honestly. Things have become so drastically different, yet society is rushing to go back to normal. I don't know what the rest of the year is going to look like, but I'm holding onto hope that 2020 will end with at least one good thing happening.

We gotta will that stuff into the universe, you know.

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