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28 June 2020: Camp NaNo is Imminent!

How is it almost July already? I mean, time is an illusion and all, but still. That happened fast and now Camp NaNo is in a few days.

Since my last blog post, I've watched a live Q&A with one of my favorite authors, had my 25th birthday, and am now preparing for July. The hope is to write at least 25,000 words again, just like with April's Camp NaNo, and finish at least two of the five WIPs I have.

As they currently stand today (Sunday), here are the word counts for each story:

  • Interrobang: "Endeavor": 24,308

  • Interrobang: "Izoterra": 8598

  • Interrobang: "Experiment": 4799

  • "Rory & Boone": 8527

  • "Starting Over": 11,014

That brings my current total up to 57,246 words and my goal to approximately 82.2k words. Just to give myself a little challenge and round out the number, I'll bump my total goal up to 85k, so my word count goal will be 27,754 words. Easy, right?

To hold myself accountable, I'm going to be doing a Camp NaNo photo challenge on Instagram; I've also joined The Writing Factory Discord server, where I'm participating in a team challenge to get the most words by the end of July.

Prep for the next few days will likely be me filling out character-driven plot outlines for the stories that don't already have them, deciding if I want to restart a stuck story from scratch, and creating some sort of writing schedule for myself. Having no structured routine has made productivity next to impossible, and I really want to be productive.

Wish me luck!

Reminder: I have a resource list for Black Lives Matter with petitions to sign, organizations to support, and more.

If you'd like to support me, you can donate to my Ko-fi. Thanks!

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