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27 July 2020: Winning Camp NaNo & Other Announcements

Holy moly, I have been so lazy since I reached my goal for Camp NaNo on the 20th, but the point is that I won! As a reward to myself, I have been taking it pretty easy and relaxing, though none of the stories are complete and, one could argue, a couple have gone backwards in terms of word count. I'm not not writing, but I'm definitely not writing at the same pace as before.

That said, news abound! First of which, I have a new author photo:

Pretty cute, am I right?

Now, if you don't follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you may have missed the vote that was held in order to choose this new photo. Ultimately, I needed a new one since I got new glasses, this was the one with the most votes, so here we are! Future votes such as this one will likely be taking place on Patreon on the future, once I have obtained some lovely patrons.

Secondly, on that note, I'm trying to think of a way to provide y'all with more content and rewards for Patreon, to provide an incentive to future subscribers. When I've figured out what I want to do and whether I have the capability to actually follow through on it, I'll announce the updated rewards for each tier on Patreon.

Third, I am working on the next newsletter and plan on announcing the planned exclusive content soon. I decided on this one even before I sent out the July newsletter, but I needed more time to work on it before sending it out to y'all. I'm pretty excited for this one and will be announcing this exclusive content on August 10th!

Fourth, I'm considering writing a feminist myth retelling of the story of Medusa, inspired by my recent obsession with the podcast Let's Talk About Myths, Baby! A quick thank you to the host, Liv, for the inspiration. I've already started doing some basic research and started outlining what I want to include, but the actual writing will have to wait until after I finish a current WIP.

Fifth and finally, I'm starting a new video series that will be starting on Instagram Live on the third Saturday of every month called Make Me Read! The purpose of this series is (hopefully) to hold me accountable to reading the many unread books sitting on my bookshelf. In this series, I'll read and discuss whatever book I'm supposed to be reading, providing intermittent commentary for about 15 minutes, maybe longer, with my many opinions! I hope it will be entertaining, and I encourage participants following along to ask me questions, react to the story as I read it, whatever.

If enough people start following along, I may move the series over to YouTube, and if you'd like to contribute towards the expenses of buying a proper camera and microphone set-up, feel free to head to my Ko-fi or Patreon, because otherwise I will be recording on my cell phone - y'all deserve better quality than that.

Please don't forget to check out my writing on either Inkitt or on Wattpad, rate and review, follow me on all the things, check out my Instagram Live on August 15th for the first Make Me Read! live stream, and subscribe to my website newsletter to catch the October issue!

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