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27 April 2020: Camp NaNo Update #3

It's official: I have reached my goal of 60,000 words as of last night, thanks to writing sprints with my writing group via Discord!

While I know my previous updates made my writing goal sound inconsistent, I have an explanation: I am very bad with numbers. That said, I went from approximately 34,000 words to 60,000 words, which is quite an accomplishment. Not too shabby, if I say so myself!

The other goal I had for Camp NaNo was to finish the unfinished stories for Interrobang. Unfortunately, that goal has been a bit harder. What I have done, however, is finish the first draft of "Finding Fred" and start a new attempt of a previously abandoned story because, yes, I am easily distracted.

So what now?

Basically, I'm going to keep writing until the end of Camp NaNo on April 30th. Just because I reached my goal doesn't mean that the job is over, right? There are still four stories to finish, edit, revise, and beta before they can be released into the world. When Camp NaNo officially ends, I may set a new word count goal for the month of May, but we shall see. On top of that, I want to work on the editing project, do more fiction reviews, and spend more time doing recreational reading. This is, of course, between working on online trainings and art projects for my job in the autism program and playing chauffeur for my dad, taking him to his doctor's appointments.

As for entertainment, I have been watching many shows online: I've watched the Anastasia musical; I watched The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall when it streamed on The Shows Must Go On! benefit YouTube channel on the 17th, and then I watched its sequel Love Never Dies yesterday; I've watched We Are Watcher's Social Distancing D&D: The Quarantine Games, created by Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara of Buzzfeed Unsolved and Steven Lim; I also have watched The Trail to Oregon and Firebringer, both by Team Starkid Productions (creators of A Very Potter Musical and many other awesome shows); not to mention all the shows I'm watching on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.

I also play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons and have been baking.

In any case, I'm keeping busy with things that I enjoy, as well as with my work. Maybe I'd have more stories done if I didn't watch Phantom three times with the span of a week (no, I will not apologize), but doing what makes me happy takes priority during this craziness.

Speaking of happiness, I have been extremely thrilled with the positive feedback I've been getting for Just Friends on Inkitt! Just seeing how many people are enjoying my writing is extremely motivating, and I'm doing my best to get new content up soon.

Stay home if you're able and stay safe if you're not. Lots of love to all!

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