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20 January 2022: New Year Goals

Happy new year! Sure, the month is nearly over, but when my last blog post was published in November (whoops, sorry y'all), it's worth mentioning. In any case, January is a time of change and I can already feel myself reaping the benefits.

Some people take the new year as a chance to start fresh, to set New Year resolutions and work hard at achieving them. Usually, this motivation lasts about three to six weeks before tapering off and the individual is left with little to no desire to work on their goal.

Luckily for me, I set goals I can realistically achieve:

  • Finish the remaining 9 chapters for the Just Friends revision

  • Send the manuscript to an editor when I'm done

  • Complete at least one more story draft: Rory & Boone, Tumbleweed Hearts, Endeavor (this is likely a NaNoWriMo goal)

  • Edit the remaining 2021 backlog episodes for the Write Reckless podcast

  • Finish the editing project - 8 chapters to go

  • Read 10+ books: at least 3 indie books, 2 classic books, and 2 romances

  • Go to Las Vegas with my friends for my birthday

  • Get 2+ tattoos (one is a planned family tattoo and I'd like to either get my PUP "Dark Days" tattoo or make an addition to my literary sleeve)

  • Move out? (the least realistic goal on this list tbh. Thanks for being unaffordable, California!)

I also reorganized my room, have implemented a new planner to (hopefully) stay on track, and reduced my workload by creating a new content schedule for myself.

Not gonna lie, it feels good to finally have switched things up after months of talking out my ass. It's also really nice to have an organized room for once.

All that said, I'm optimistic about what I plan to accomplish this year. Wish me luck!

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