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19 Feb 2020: Writing for The Mighty

When I was in college, I started becoming more aware of the things that were affecting my life both physically and mentally. In that process, I stumbled across a platform called The Mighty, which serves as a space for people with mental illnesses, physical conditions, or disabilities to write about their experiences, as well as a valuable source of information for those wishing to learn about or support someone with a condition.

In finding this website, I found a safe space to write about my personal experiences with mental health, depression, anxiety, migraines, and dermatillomania.

My favorite part of writing for The Mighty was always seeing the responses from the community, usually in a show of support and telling their own stories about what it's like to live with a certain condition. Since my discovery of the site, things have changed and evolved to include more of a forum, where users can post about a given topic without writing an article.

Though it has been some time since I wrote for them, I have written twenty-two articles that have been published for The Mighty! Some of my favorite articles are the following:

Ultimately, writing for The Mighty allowed me to come to terms with the conditions that I live with, which has further allowed me to begin my journey of acceptance and healing. If nothing else, discovering the community behind this website has been a great experience and I highly encourage everyone to check them out!

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