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16 April 2020: Camp NaNo Update #2

Just over halfway through the month and I have written 13,614 words towards my 20k goal, which means only 6,386 words to go! Although I had planned to finish the stories for Interrobang, I still haven't managed to get much more done for any of those, though not nothing. My muse is fickle and has a short attention span, what can I say?

Granted, there have been days that I haven't written at all, but that's okay. The thing about taking part in a challenge like Camp NaNo is that you set the goal with the intention of reaching it, but you don't always and what matters is that you try. I have been trying, which has been quite difficult lately.

It's okay to admit that it's been hard. This pandemic and quarantine is causing mass emotional trauma by forcing us, social creatures, into isolation and making us avoid one another, plus the constant fear of "what if I or one of my loved ones get infected" going through all our minds. Add in financial instability, pre-existing health conditions, and any other hardship, and this can very easily be seen as traumatizing for everyone.

Productivity is harder in times like these. I've made a schedule to keep myself busy with writing, editing, reading, and various tasks to complete for my job in the autism program, but sometimes it's just not feasible for the day. Sometimes a person just needs to watch a Broadway musical bootleg, sometimes they need to spend it baking cupcakes.

If you need something to pass the time, reminder that I have four stories available to read on Inkitt:

Just Friends: Jasmine and Leo have known one another since childhood and have never gotten along, but once they get stuck on an elevator together, everything changes. Leo suggests pretending to date in a mutually beneficial arrangement, but neither one of them could predict the outcome.

Hum: Cat doesn't remember being taken, but can she break free?

Working in Hell: As it turns out, working in Hell is just as monotonous as one can expect. A new arrival, however, gets more than the typical experience.

New Ink: Tattoo artist Ema learns about her elderly neighbor's past...

Stay safe and take care of yourselves to the best of your ability!

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