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13 May 2021: Surprise Quarantine

Yet again, my classroom has been exposed to COVID-19.

It happened once before in December, and here we are again, doing distance learning. Like any situation, there are some pros and cons to this:

  • Pro: I can stay in comfy clothes

  • Con: I'm not on a regular eating schedule

  • Pro: I can work on my writing/podcast tasks while I'm not doing school-related tasks

  • Con: the kids don't really benefit from distance learning

  • Pro: I prepped a lot of asynchronous work previously that is ready to be used for the next few days while we finish our 10-day quarantine period

  • Con: I still have to wake up early to maintain my schedule so it doesn't throw me off next week

  • Pro: I'm already vaccinated

In any case, this first day of distance learning had 3 of 11 kids participate. It's unclear whether we'll get any participation from any of the others, but luckily this will only last until the 17th, and we'll be back in class on the 18th.

With both parts 2 and 3 scheduled to come out on May 18th, I'm cram editing and I'm grateful for the extra time granted by distance learning.

Wish me luck!

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