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11 March 2020: Self-Discipline is Not a Thing

I am terrible at self-discipline and consistency, which is easily my biggest fault as a writer. Not that my writing is inconsistent, but my writing/editing schedule certainly is.

How do other people set a schedule for themselves and actually enforce it without someone else looking over their shoulder? How does someone say, "I'm going to X at this particular time," and then actually do it? I come home, see the television, and it's game over.

Having a designated writing space helps, surely, but I currently don't have anywhere to set up such a work area for myself. If I did, I wouldn't be writing while on my bed and wishing that I were watching more of The Secret Life of the American Teenager with my sister.

If I had the space, I would make a home office for myself, where I would have large bookshelves against the walls, an L-shaped desk with plenty of room for my computer, printer, and writing supplies, a coffee maker, a mini fridge for snacks, and possibly a reading nook. Ideally, there would be a secret door behind a bookcase, just because it's cool. Either way, I'd have a room set aside where I could shut myself away from distractions and just work.

That said, over the last few weeks, I've been working on manuscript revisions at a much quicker pace than I anticipated, which means I'll soon only have the editing project to work on until Camp NaNo begins at the beginning of April. Once Camp NaNo starts, I intend to finish the unfinished stories for Interrobang and I'm very excited for them to be completed.

So, how does one consistently and effectively enforce a self-determined schedule? The answer to this question shall probably elude me for the rest of eternity. It's amazing I get any writing done at all, really. If you wanted an actual answer, sorry.

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